The Sash-Tag was developed after a conversation I had with a lady who had her beautiful German Short haired Pointer, cruelly stolen from her in December 2012.

The dog was a successful award winning Show dog and working dog. Her owner, believes that one of the reasons she was stolen was so whoever took her could breed from her. But the dog had been neutered. Thieves had no way of knowing this, and took her anyway.

The Sash-Tag lets thieves know that your dog is neutered, and is of no value to them. The tag is visible from a distance and is instantly recognised by its bright orange colour and distinctive diamond shape.

The Sash-Tag package includes 1 Sash-Tag, 1 car window sticker and 2 stickers for your home, stating that your dog is neutered, to deter the opportunist thief.
The package will ONLY be available to buy from veterinary surgeries AFTER your dog has been neutered.
Each tag will have its own unique number and this information will be entered onto our database, along with your surname, your dogs name and breed, and the veterinary surgery it was registered with. No personal details will be held and no information will be passed on to any third party.

Our aim is to help people become more aware of how dog theft has become an increasing problem, causing heartbreak for owners nationwide. We hope that by making people more aware of dog theft and the importance of neutering, that this will have a domino effect, that more dogs will be neutered, meaning less unwanted litters, less dogs in rescue, less dogs ending up in puppy farms and the health of dogs being improved overall.

If your local vet does not yet provide SASH-TAGs, you can direct them to our web site as well as contact us with your vet's details and we will contact them for you.