Info for Vets

SASH-TAG is designed to help deter potential thieves by clearly identifying neutered animals.

The service requires no membership fee or subscription; it’s free to register your practice with us. Once your account is set up, order a starter pack which includes 10 SASH-TAG kits (each kit contains a unique tag and stickers for your client’s car and home). The tags come in three sizes small, medium and large. The starter kit also includes promotional point of sale posters for your practice and access to our easy to use web based database as well as access to our on-line press kit to help you promote SASH-TAG sales in your local press. When you need more tags, let us know via the web site order form and we will send them out to you. Please contact us for prices.

For a limited time we are offering 10% discount on your starter pack as well as 10% off your next order

SASH-TAGs not only promote responsible animal care by endorsing neutering, but can enrich your overall customer service level. We are working to raise awareness of pet theft and SASH-TAG in the national media, prominent animal welfare charities and local police forces.

Please contact us for more information.